Simple Church Network

Less crowds. More disciples.


Simple Churches focus on informality, flexibility and intimacy. This provides an environment for depth of relationships through fellowship, accountability, caring and openness.


New Simple Churches are popping up all around the place. We connect with one another in different ways for support and to do life together. Find out how to start or join a Simple Church and participate in the Network.


We love to develop and share resources that help everyone in our churches find simple and creative ways to be about ‘Loving God, Loving Others and Making Disciples’.

A simple philosophy and practice enables the church to be adaptive to the diversity within the group, to be experimental with styles of learning, or in some cases, to operate only for a season.

Everyone gets to play

The gathering for Simple Churches is usually characterised by Bible discussion and conversations to enable faith to be lived out and Bible truths to be applied. Discipleship is seen as a natural component, both of the meeting time as well as in everyday life. Eating together and celebrating are often a pivotal component of the group as they ‘do life’ together. This style of gathering as a church community provides the opportunity for a breadth of worship experiences and the freedom to be creative in discerning appropriate and meaningful ways to grow in loving God.

Everyone is included as a participant enabling all, children as well as adults, to contribute. This promotes a greater diversity and sense of belonging. A richness of sharing and prayer can easily be fostered in this environment as well as the discerning and releasing of gifts.